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2019 - My theme for this year is Beachcombing; celebrating costal walks and the things we found and collected. It also gives an opportunity to look again at the collections in London's Natural History Museum.
2018 - My Journal Quilt theme for 2018 is ‘White Cloud and other boat hulls’. Yacht marinas are fascinating places all year round. White Cloud is our self-restored 1912 wooden yawl and is a fine sight in or out of the water.
My other work here includes larger quilts and felt pieces.

2017 - My theme for this year's Journal Quilts is ROCKS! As in geology; ‘the science which deals with the physical structure of the earth’. I’ll be exploring the features of a variety of geographical areas that I visit.

2016 - The theme for my Journal Quilts this year is A Closer Look and I’ll be zooming in to explore colour and texture from a variety of inspirational sources.
2015 - Taking Coastlines as a theme for my Journal Quilts this year allows me to revisit some memorable pages from my sketchbook and further explore some fascinating places.
2014 - My work, including Journal Quilts, based on the theme 'Lines Across Burma' and my developing passion for felt making


2013 - The theme for my 2013 Journal Quilts - Oceania: Arts & Crafts of the Pacific. Also felt work, challange quilts and other pieces.


2012 - The Journal Quilts for 2012 were based on the theme of Fruit & Vegetables. Other work included pieces for exhibitions, family and fun!

2011 - 'Trapping Colour, Catching Light' explores imagery from the Great Barrier Reef, 'Where the rainforest meets the Sea', in Northern Queensland, Australia. Also a trip to New Zealand influences my Journal Quilts.


2010 - 'Where the rainforest meets the Sea' explores imagery from the Great Barrier Reef, in Northern Queensland, Australia.
'Coastlines' began with an eco-friendly walking holiday on the Northumberland coast; here I am interested in the juxtaposition of printed cloth with my own collection of linen and silk fabrics

A collection of Journal Quilts and larger pieces based on these themes


2009 - Journal quilts based on the flora, fauna, weather and reefs of Australia explore a range of techniques and fabrics. Additionally, other pieces including work on the theme of 'Coastlines'


2008 - Trapping Colour, Catching Light. My inspiration continues to centre on coastlines, coral reef systems and related images, but I am sometimes distracted by environmental issues or a return to long familiar themes. Felt and silk, painted and dyed fabrics.


2007 - My Journal Quilts feature the images, colours and memories of a first trip to Australia. The early quilts are inspired by photos from my daughter Rebecca, a marine biologist based in Queensland, and later quilts from my own travels; sailing in the Whitsundays, snorkeling on the coral reef, exploring the rainforest and the sights of Sydney.

2007 - 'The Glass Quilt'. An interpretation of one of my Quilts 'Six in the City' (which was based on 'The Gherkin' building in London) in cast glass.
"A glass building inspires a textile quilt which inspires a glass sculpture. A great project"
2006 - My first designs and pieces inspired by coastlines
2004-5 - A period of experimentation and productivity. Two large commission pieces commanded much time and thought in addition to a piece commissioned by The Quilters' Guild and the finishing of an 'Heirloom Quilt'.
2002-3 - Developing my techniques of fabric mosaic and bonded applique, and a three quilt commission from Hammersmith Hospital
2000-1 - My specialism, Fabric Mosaics, inspired by trips to the Czech Republic, Spain and, nearer to home, St. Albans.
The late 90's - A period of developing ideas, skills and techniques. Bonded applique, strip patchwork and fabric mosaics amongst others.